Frequently Asked Questions

For all of your burning questions and quizzical desires. Have a look at this document to save us both some time!

Application Questions

Why do I have to apply to join the server?

We maintain an application system to preserve the integrity of our server and ensure that it is a fun and friendly place for all of our players.

How old do I have to be to apply?

In order to preserve a mature and active player base, we do have a 15+ age restriction, though we do create exceptions for 14 year-olds who show a lot of talent, skill, and passion for the game.

Server Questions

What is the plan for updating the server?

The server will not be fully resetting for the 1.17 update, but all chunks outside of 30,000XY will be reloaded as 1.17 chunks. The server will be fully reset for the second part of the update to allow for the brand new cave and mountain generation.

What is a hermitcraft like server?

Hermitcraft like is a server that is very similar to the Hermitcraft series on Youtube. They usually have a shopping district and similar modifications to the series and are a more tight knit community.

What modifications does the server have?

As a semi-vanilla server, we have implemented tweaks that improve and change vanilla mechanics. Some of the more notable plugins/changes are, but not limited to:

  • One Player Sleep
  • Fast Leaf Decay
  • CoreProtect
    • For logging player activity.
  • Double Shulker Shells
    • Shulkers drop two shells. Every time.
  • Discord to Minecraft chat bridge
    • Allows you to talk to people on the minecraft server from the discord server.
  • Dynmap
    • A live map of the server where you can see player builds and location in real time. Check it out here.
  • Discord Stats
    • We have a Discord Stats command where you can access player statistics from yourself or other players. (do ?stats for more info)
  • Custom Wandering Traders
    • We have custom wandering traders that sell miniblock heads and heads of all players that have logged into the server.
  • And many more which can be found here.

Donating Questions

Should I donate?

While it is not required, we do greatly appreciate support from donors, which allow us to pay for the hardware and services that keep the server running. If you would like to donate to the server, you can do so via our Patreon or PayPal.

What perks do I get for donating?

Different tiers are assigned based on the amount donated. The perks of each tier can be found on our donate page, or in the #donate channel in our discord. None of the perks provide any in-game advantage, and abide to Mojang's EULA .

If I Am a gold tier donor, do I have to pay full price for Emerald/Diamond?

You only need to cover the difference when upgrading to a new donor tier. Gold to Emerald will require a $12 donation etc.