HermitCraft like Server Shopping district


  • ComparatorCraft is a 1.19 Hermitcraft like server. We are a server like hermitcraft in the sense that we are a more tight knit community, with a shopping district, and similar features to the iconic hermitcraft server.
  • The plugins, data packs, commands, and our server software are here to enhance the vanilla experience and provide additional performance benefits.
HermitCraft like Server Shopping district

Show YOUR creativity!

Whether it is a sick-looking megabase, a humble starter house, or a SciCraft style farm perimeter you can play whatever style you like.

Be Creative! The world is yours. You can make anything and everything. Make a massive perimeter, or a small little sea side village.

HermitCraft like Server Shopping district

Hermitcraft-like Shopping District

ComparatorCraftSMP has a great Hermitcraft-like economy

We love our shopping district, it is filled with unique builds, and it is being able to buy any thing you want. Or you can sell your own services and make lots of diamonds.


ComparatorCraftSMP features


We have dynmap which is a google maps style website which shows a map of the server, and you can see peoples builds. Check it out here

Proximity chat

ComparatorCraftSMP has a proximity chat plugin where you can talk to people on the server within proximity of your location. Download the mod here.

Creative Server

We have a seperate creative server so you can design your builds and even collaborate with the community.

Powerful Hardware

Our server is hosted with powerful hardware so you can play with minimal lag and is up 24/7.

Vanilla Feel

We strive to keep our server close to vanilla as possible. You won't find extremly vanilla altering modifications to the server.

Community Projects

We have a great community projects system that you can work on, or organize yourself that benefit the whole community.